Medicaid Website is Up and Running

Check out the new CNMI Medicaid Website for information about the CNMI State Medicaid Agency.

What to Do When Charged For Preventive Care Services

Under the Affordable Care Act, certain in-network preventive care must be covered by your health insurance plan at no additional cost to you. This includes “well-woman” visits, breast-feeding support and supplies, contraceptive methods, vaccinations, diabetes and blood pressure screening and many other services, Health insurance providers are still getting used to these new rules so it’s important that you know your rights under your health insurance plan. If you have health insurance and have been charged for preventive services such as birth control pills, an annual exam, or pap smear, contact the CAP for help!

For more information, check out this awesome toolkit from the National Women’s Law Center for letter templates and FAQs about women’s preventive care coverage rights.

Use SuperTracker to Plan, Analyze and Track Your Diet and Physical Activity

SuperTracker can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.



Understanding Health Insurance

Want to learn more about the basics of health insurance? Check out this slideshow from the CAP office Healthcare 101

Health Insurance Market Reforms in the Affordable Care Act

The Congressional Research Service put together an updated report on the market reforms (the part of the ACA that applies to the CNMI). Read the relatively brief, 15-page overview here.

Geographic Variation in the Application of Federal Poverty Level

Section 1416 of the Affordable Care Act called for a study to examine the feasibility and implication of adjusting the application of FPL for different geographic areas, including the territories. Special attention was to be paid to the disparity that exists among poverty levels and the cost of living in the territories and to the impact of such disparity on efforts to expand health coverage and ensure health care.

Although this report does not provide conclusive information for the Northern Mariana Islands due to lack of data, comparative analyses among insular areas are interesting, and the report does give recommendations for ideal indices to use for adjusting the poverty guidelines. Read the report: UrbanGeographicVariation

Get Ready Resources from NAIC

Help avoid costly surprises by educating yourself early about insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offer helpful resources for making important life choices such as buying a house, buying a car, or planning a wedding.

Check out their “Get Ready Resources” here.

Excellent Website for Easy-to-Understand information

Click on the link below to go to the Hawaii Medical Services Association website explaining health care. Keep in mind that any reference to a “marketplace”, “exchange” or requirement for individuals to have coverage does not apply in the CNMI.

Does your employer offer health coverage to you?

If so, make sure you know your health benefits rights. Watch this short video from the US Department of Labor and get more information from the contacts at the end of the video or contact the CNMI Consumer Assistance Program at 664-3005 or 483-0104 for further information.

Free Early Intervention Services for Children in the CNMI

Your child may be eligible for free developmental screenings if your child has displayed a 25%+ delay in development or was born with an established condition (i.e. Down’s syndrome, cleft palate). Find out more about this program at

For more information about Early Intervention Services call C*DAC at 664-4840 or stop by C*DAC for FREE Developmental Screenings.

If you have private health insurance coverage, your coverage probably needs to cover these preventive services for children at no additional cost to you. Call the CNMI Consumer Assistance Program at 664-3005 for more information on preventive care coverage.

Free Health Services for Women in the CNMI

The Breast and Cervical Screening Program (BCSP) offers breast cancer and cervical cancer exams such as Pap Smears, Clinical Breast Exams, and Mammograms (to women 50-64 years of age) at no cost to women who are:

  • 21+ years old
  • Residents of the CNMI
  • Within the BCSP income guidelines
  • Without health insurance, or has health insurance that requires a co-payment.

Please also note that if you have a non-grandfathered health insurance policy, these services should be provided for FREE (no cost-sharing) if provided by an in-network provider. If you are being charged a co-payment for these preventive services, please contact the CNMI Consumer Assistance Program at (670) 664-3005.

Women 21 years and older should get a Pap Smear test at least every two years and women age 50 and older should get a mammogram every year.

These services are funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See the CNMI Breast and Cervical Screening Program Brochure for further details.

The Affordable Care Act in the CNMI

See the resources below to understand how the ACA applies to the CNMI and what local leaders are doing to mitigate the impacts.

NAIC Territories Letter Final

US Territories Paper Final

Letter to Kathleen Sebelius re-Health insurance exchange 10-21–1\

Letter to Kathleen Sebelius re- ACA Market reform & EHB Extensi-1

Letter to Gov Inos on the Marketplace and Market Reforms Under the ACA 021914 (1) (response to delay request)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Overview

For a basic overview of how the Affordable Care Act will affect your healthcare coverage, go to the following link:

Click here to read the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Because this is a very long document (over 900 pages), it may be easier to download the PPACA and then use the “find” tool in Adobe to search for specific terms.

CNMI’s Rate Review Process

The CNMI is developing a premium rate review process to which insurance carriers will need to submit premium rate increases for approval.  These rate increases must be “reasonable” and insurance companies are required to provide reasons for an increase in premium rates. See the process on the Department of Commerce Website. Update: Public 18-34 passed the rate review process into law. Read more about it here. CNMI PL 18-34

Guides to Navigate the Affordable Care Act

Confused about which ACA provisions apply to your health plan? Here is a handy ACA Provisions Table with a break-down of what the provisions are and how they apply. It fills the page and you may need to zoom in to read it.

Having a difficult time understanding health insurance jargon? Click here for a glossary of terms to better understand the new law.

Please note that any references to a “Healthcare Exchange” or “Marketplace” do not apply to the CNMI.


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